July 26, 2019. ...iew of humanity.

1. Anthropomorphism is our tendency to percieve human attributes in dead things.

August 4, 2019. An attention economy is not the only way to organize transactions given our technological developments, even though it may sometimes seem like that; As if it was a law of nature. For every human that is digitally connected to another there will be a new opportunity to learn more about how that human works. What kinds of unnecessary consumption it will be susceptible to advertising regarding and especially where and when; What places and times of day it will be most vulnerable and exactly how much you will be able to charge right there and then from that particular person. Since the global tech corporations this way feeds off of all attention, that can generate personalized ads, they are free to superficially take on different political stances, in accordance to some PR-strategy, without actually being affected by these questions. Whether it is globalism, local patriotism, Islamophobia, antisemitism, trans-activism, Nazism or feminism. They make profits from all these movements. Engagement. Their platforms become the unquestioned chessboard where all these battles are fought, but they are never threatened by what is happening on the board since they don't compete there but rather are the board. They have managed to make themselves invisible and it will stay that way unless more people will question the game itself and the necessity of living locked in their booths.

October 26, 2019. Humans usually have a strong need of hanging out with each other. Eating together and talking about mundane events, the...