August 4, 2019. ... will stay that way unless more people will question the game itself and the necessity of living locked in their booths.

October 26, 2019. Humans usually have a strong need of hanging out with each other. Eating together and talking about mundane events, the weather etc. It would be a mistake to look for concrete information exchanges as the main objectives of these interactions. If we do so it will typically seem as a meaningless rhetorical dance. The meetings rather implicitly answers questions such as e.g.: Am I welcome and safe in this group? Am I good enough?, which if answered positively means a lesser risk of being ostracized or subjected to violence. It will be important to build similar mechanisms in intelligent machines: Shame, drive towards community, and fear of being excluded.

December 13, 2019. According to the creation story God forged us in his own image. I would argue, that from a non-religious point of view,...