December 22, 2019. ...m our embodied direct reality. We are sucked into a global mass that is slowly but firmly taking us away from ourselves.

March 19, 2020. Filter bubbles allow us to hide our self estrangement, help us feel whole and reasonable, as if we were part of a group that share core values, even if in reality society is torn apart and fragmented. The bubbles and the personalization place imperceptible wedges between individuals. Portrays the others as competition in being the most optimized of all individuals. The one with most followers, likes and comments. It makes the real elite invisible. It also hurts the individuals ability to fulfill their own basic needs, because of all the addictive convenience tools. The atomization and the de-autonomization makes the people weak and thus more easy to control.

March 29, 2020. I don't think that the name surveillance capitalism really captures the essence of that industry. Surveillance s...