September 28, 2021. ...e">1. However I would not consider the person purchasing such an internet of things (IoT) device to be the actual owner.

November 25, 2021. To call what is now happening climate change and our technological developments The Digital Age is completely disregarding our own agency. Researchers examine climate changes effects on society, as if this was something that society became stricken by and not the other way around; That the way we have organized our societies is the main cause of the climate changes. Digitization has become and end in itself and the claim that it is always advantageous to type something into a computer and to work in the cloud1 is now an unquestionable truth.

1. It almost sounds like the cloud is some mysterious single entity, when it is in fact something much less exciting, but potentially more nefarious; It is simply other computers than yours, owned by others. Typically by gigantic corporations, with a monopoly position within their specific niche.

December 23, 2021. Regulation risks discriminating small actors, by creating a demand for full time legal teams to manage and find loophol...